"I've lost my f a c e, my dignity, my look, everything is gone."
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[ At the very back of Monoe’s mind lay her discarded worries for the current situation; guinea-pigs, lesser citizens and part of a new hierarchy (or so it seemed), though big on talk, with not much of a present memory it wasn’t as if she cared to lose anything in the first place. And discarded it was. Never to begin with had the blackette herself been a worrier, a trembler, … not all that she could sufficiently remember, at least, and that on it’s own was saying a lot, because adaption … it wasn’t anything that was necessarily deemed hard, wasn’t it? ]


[ It’s almost laughable how desperate these people must be. Indeed, her only problem at that moment had been finding her apartment, (n-1), and though she’d find little to no problem with venturing off through half-empty streets to seek it out herself, who knew how long that would take, on it’s own? ]

[ A fierce shoulder jabs into her own mid-thought, eyes lock and orange locks flee around a relatively un-familiar individual who highly resembled a tiger ready to jump in for it’s prey, blue orbs shining like the moon did during the misty, foggy nights. ]


My most sincerest apologies.

[ Not that she was necessarily sorry, though she hadn’t an ounce of stuborness in her to make for an apology, fake or not. Glossed over sarcasm dripped for her voice, and she didn’t care to hide it. ]

I’d really love to know, are you aware of where apartment N-1 is?

[ Relying on strangers … it was stupid. Or rather, relying on anyone other than yourself in general had appeared itself to be stupid in her own mind, though perhaps that is just her own vital one-sided view on the matter. In a perfect world, the other female would answer her with flashing colors, apologizing for the slam to the shoulder and striding off with a kind light-weighted heart. Though, sadly, the world wasn’t perfect. ]

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holy guacamole people actually replied to the open i wrote!! i’ll try to do replies and start more threads here and write dae that extrememly belated starter i’ve owed for a while here, now!! I’ve just been busy with kagepro other blogs and replies haven’t been coming to me very easily lately. ;; i’m just reading over the replies people wrote for me and they’re reall y nice i

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      ⊰☂ It would be considered normal, if anything, to break out in numerous feeble anxiety attacks at the realization that you’ve been demoted from a human being to a guinea-pig. As a matter of fact, it had even astonished the ravenette that the streets before her hadn’t consisted of flailing arms and mouths wide and agape — prepared to scream for the rescue that presumably would never arrive. As surprising as it was, it was silent.

               Though in a sense, she is used to it, as if it’s her home- the silence has an unbreakable bond with her, considering the hours and hours she’s spent with it surrounding her breathlessly. Unquestionably, it was rather absurd for her to know that; considering her having little to no memory of where, or really, who she was before this.

         {  I’m the shell of a girl,

                  that I used to know. }


               Only bits and fragments remain apart of her swollen memory; small things like a certain girl with a stop-light phobia and a braided-brunette who was a frantic dreamer and an avid believer. Whispers and screams leaking of shame and disgust — all saying the same word, the same name —- her’s.

                                                                            blood  and  ashes.

                                                                            wet, salty,  t e a r s.

                                                                            malicious ⓛⓘⓔⓢ.

                                                                            the nose-curdling 𝕒𝕣𝕠𝕞𝕒 of death.


ᴍᴀyʙᴇ ꜱʜᴇ ᴅɪᴅɴ’ᴛ ᴡᴀɴᴛ ᴛᴏ ʀᴇᴍᴇᴍʙᴇʀ.


              Monoe, however, kept a calm exterior- lips formed into a flat, unreadable line, sheer black orbs focused on the space in-front of her; though in actuality she’s thinking of the events that had occured, just as any normal human-being would … one with a brain, of course. The reasoning is this; is for Monoe hadn’t acquired any sweet memoirs of her life — family — friends — happiness  …  she had nothing to essentially lose. Henceforth why, exactly, she hadn’t anything to fear, she hadn’t anything to protect — the only thing annoying her being the fact that the term guniea-pig to be used on her was rather unpleasant.

                                                                   [not that she didn’t know she was trash. ]

The line across her lips delves into a subtle smile, an enigmatic air forming around her; as her eyes set across another being having been near her, eyes seeming to stare straight through the life-form, before her lips part, and a clear voice speaks without an ounce of hesitance.

                 ”You have perfect timing, don’t you?” Pauses, "A girl gets trapped in some unknown area, and then she happens to come across another upon such a late hour …. it’s straight out of a story book."

                                                                  “I doubt you’re here to be my savior, though.”

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— ???:

"Ah… Excuse me…?"


"I- I have-"


"A lot of questions-!"


So much for trying to be tough! Waking up in a strange place with a strange doctor talking to you from a television would startle just about anyone, though. Right? The last thing Chihiro remembered was getting ready to train with Oowada-kun, and it was very safe to say that he’d missed something vital.

      ⊰☂⊱ Jaded orbs focus on an unfamiliar specimen; salty tears cascading down fragile cheeks, staining their face red and puffy; as if they had only just arisen from a temper-tantrum. Such a harmless and feeble creature would gain sympathy from anyone in their right mind, really, though due to herself being in the same exact situation, it proved itself a chore to resurrect humanity; considering her skitter-scattered memories. A smile decorates pale lips, though it’s small in length, and her eyes look wholly genuinely understanding- if only for a flickering moment of the city night.

"They’re…" She pauses, almost hesitating on her next words, "Not playing fair, are they..?"

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